CIWS Researcher, Jorge Baier, refers to new cyberattack with ransomware

In an interview with the 24-hour TVN news channel, DCC UC professor said that "Petya" took advantage of the same vulnerability of the Windows operating system used a month ago by ransomware "WannaCry" and that is related to the protocol SMB (Server Message Block) to give shared file access.

He added that, "unlike the previous attack with WannaCry, you do not see a simple way to disable this new rasomware, so it should not surprise that in the coming days will increase the number of affected institutions."

Regarding the last point, Professor Baier said that, although the level of coordination with which these cyber attacks are performed is not very large, the number of people required to carry them out. "This is more like letting go of a worm that will worry about how to propagate itself," he said.

"It would not be unusual for the situation to get worse as the days go by. The good news is that many people have already made their update against this virus and their computers will not be affected, "said Professor Baier. "The recommendation is to always be 100% up-to-date systems. In addition, it is necessary to back up in the computer everything that is essential. It is a practice that requires constancy, but it is extremely important, "he reiterated.

See full interview on channel 24 hours here.