Aidan Hogan writes article for BITS Magazine

Aidan Hogan published an article with a brief introduction to the emerging topic of "Big Data" in the BITS Magazine. This magazine is published by the Computer Science Department from Universidad de Chile. You can find in the next lines the abstract of the article. Within the Computer Science community, opinions on "Big Data" vary from dismissing it as a fad perpetuated by those heedless of the database literature circa 1980 to heralding it as an unprecedented paradigm shift that will irrevocably impact our everyday lives. The grey truth, as always, lies between the extremes. But wherever one sits on the spectrum of opinions about "Big Data", the core premise appears irrefutable: that there exist data-intensive scenarios for which traditional relational databases are not the solution. Thus it seems productive to investigate new data management abstractions that are specialised for more fine-grained scenarios. In this article, after a general introduction, we discuss some new abstractions that have emerged under the umbrella of "Big Data". The article was originally written for "Revista Bits de Ciencias del DCC" (published by Universidad de Chile) in which a Spanish version will soon be published.