Dynamics in Linked Data Environments

The Linked Data best practices for data publishing encourage the use of RDF to describe URI-identified resources on the Web. As those resources reflect things in the real world, which is without a doubt dynamic, the dynamics of Linked Data should not be neglected. In this talk, I present a study on the evolution of Linked Data resources on the web, the Dynamic Linked Data Observatory, which has so far collected 2½ years of weekly Linked Data snapshots. Also, I will introduce read/write Linked Data that enables interaction with resources described using Linked Data -thus introducing dynamics- with the emphasis on how read/write Linked Data can be facilitated using REST, the architecture paradigm of the web. Last, I will show how we used the technologies of Linked Data and REST and the rule language Linked Data-Fu to build a reactive information system incorporating the data integration power of Semantic Technologies.